This is the EuroArab Team of AEGEE-Alicante who attended the awesome Youth In Action exchange, hosted in Munich last September.

Spanish Team

Each of us will tell you the whoooole story of our YiA exchange, as a diary, day by day.


Sunday, 1st September
by Carlos Castillo Pérez

The next day was much calmer than the first one. Finally Clara and I (Carlos) had the chance to rest in Tom’s house, and we woke up with renewed energy, which one, we would use few minutes later to prepare a dance courtesy of Tom, in order to show it to the rest of participants (still unknown).

After that, Clara, Tom and I went to what would be our home during the next eight days: Jaeger’s hostel. The day before was as expensive as long, so Clara, Juli and me decided not even having lunch that day, and we went for a small walk in the surroundings, and later we were waiting for the rest of the people in our room.


When we decided to go downstairs for checking if somebody had arrived, we find most of participants there. At first it was shocking to see so many people from different countries. We said hello to everybody, and they all seemed to be very friendly and funny. Fortunately, afterwards we would check that they weren’t only funny, but most of them were quite crazy.

Later, we went to our second house: The clubbing. There we had dinner, and did “ice-breaking games”, typical from AEGEE, of course (and of course too, I took note of some of them for future events), and, if we thought we were going to release from it…Clara and me had to do our dance with Tom!

In the clubbin

Lastly, as the event dealt with the stereotypes and misconceptions, etc… the Spanish decided to broke the first stereotype: Despite the general surprise, we didn’t go out that night, and we stayed at the hostel preparing our presentation for the next day. Hard to believe… BUT TRUE.

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