ALC to ZGZHello AEGEEans!

In Alicante, we’re organizing a private bus to get directly to the AGORA that will leave from Alicante on Wednesday, October 30th at around 12-13h (Depending on travelers’ arrival time to Alicante), we will make it so that you can be on time for the Openning Ceremony 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you are not coming to our pre-event because all AEGEEans are welcome to join our trip to the Agora and to have a fun time on the road!

The cost may vary from 20€ to 31€, depending on how many people we fit in the bus. Before making the payment, we want you to do a pre-reservation, so that we know how much it will be per person.

Firsts to pre-reserve will have preference.

Deadline for pre-reservations: October 10th, or full reservation

If you have further questions, contact us in

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