Mediterraneanly Cover (3)You don’t know what the “Health4Youth” project is yet? Would you like to try the Mediterranean cuisine? Do you want to know how to have an ecologically sustainable and healthy lifestyle? Want to mix sports with cooking and awesome workshops?
You always thought that “healthy” meant boring? YOU WERE WRONG!
Come to Alicante’s H4Y pre Agora event and find out!
Some activities that we’ll be doing:

– Cooking workshop (with healthy tapas) and on how to have a balanced diet
– Enjoy our AWESOME weather and the sun
– Yoga at the beach
– Relaxation workshop
– Hiking at the countryside and the seaside
– Picnics
– One night camping
– Visiting a local market, learning how to buy fresh goodies and organic vegetable garden
– Trips around Alicante
– Fiesta & siesta

Dates: 26 – 30 October
Fee: 80 EUR – All meals included
Accomodation: and 1 night of camping
Optional fee: 31 EUR (Bus to Zaragoza; possibility of lowering the price, we are working on it)
Only for 16 exclusive and awesome participants!!
Deadline: 16th of September
For more information, write us to: h4yalicante2013 [at]

Mediterraneanly yours,
AEGEE-Alicante & Health4Youth

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