Tras dos años de proyecto, el proyecto “Where Does Europe End?” acaba con un último evento que se celebrará en Utrecht (Holanda) del 12 al 18 de mayo.

Para quien lo no sepa, “Where does Europe End?” es un proyecto en el que se analizan los las fronteras de Europa en todas sus vertientes.

El plazo está oficialmente cerrado, pero quedan plazas libres para españoles, así que si tienes interés en ir aún estás a tiempo.

Recordamos que este evento está subvencionado por el YiA, lo que significa que te subvencionarán el 70% del precio del transporte de ida y vuelta a Utrecht. ¡Y la fee son sólo 50€ para 5 noches! ¡Más fácil no te lo pueden poner!

Para apuntarte pulsa en este enlace. La página del evento en facebook es ésta.

Toda la información detallada del evento (en inglés) tras el salto.

The theme and main question of our project is ‘Where Does Europe End?’  The goal of this project is tofind the physical and mental borders of Europe. Within this project there have been several events in different European countries on different aspects of this question.

In this final conference of this project, we will focus on the theme which came up as most central to this question. This theme is ‘European Identity’. During this conference we will search for the borders of Europe in different physical and mental ways that are all related to the concept of European identity.

We will have lively debates, personal conversations with field experts, gain knowledge on a range of different topics, discover the different cultures in Europe and exchange opinions with policymakers and fellow students from different parts of Europe.

During the week we will look at the topic of ‘European Identity’ from four different angles:

  •   Enlargement of the European Union
  •  The economic crisis in Europe
  •  The common external borders of the EU
  •  The rise of nationalism and anti-Europeanism

To be able to answer this question more in depth, you as participants, will be divided into four groups, whereby each group will focus on one of the different themes. Next to the interesting programme, you will enjoy the beautiful city of Utrecht, visit The Hague and enjoy our social programme.

By the end of the week, there will be a closing debate in which you as a participant will present and, together with various policy makers, debate your views on the different aspects of the question ‘Where Does Europe End?’.

As an added value, on the 18th of May, the last night of the conference, AEGEE-Utrecht will hold it’s 25 years anniversary gala. It’s promising to be a very memorable night and participants of the conference will have the option of being part of this celebration. More information about this will follow.

If you want to apply, send the following information to

  •  Name:
  •  Age:
  •  Local:
  •  Nationality:
  •  Studies:

Reply to these three questions:

Question 1:

How do you see the European Identity changing from the perspective of one of the 4 following themes? (max. 250 words):

  • Rising nationalism in Europe
  • Common border of the EU (illegal immigration
  • Expansion of the EU
  • The economic crisis in Europe

Question 2:

Which theme would you like to discuss in depth at our conference? (write down your top 3, by order of preference):

  • Rising nationalism in Europe
  • Common border of the EU (illegal immigration)
  • Expansion of the EU
  • The economic crisis in Europe

Question 3:

What is your motivation to join this event? (max. 250 words)


As for this event we have a YiA application approved, which means that we will offer a 70% travel reimbursement. According to the partners that we have, participants from (or able to travel from) the following countries are preffered:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Latvia
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands

By Guille.

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