La verdad es que con el título queda bien resumido este evento: Vete a Kastoria (Grecia) a  una fiesta tradicional en la que la fiesta es la clave.


  • Fecha: del 5 al 9 de enero de 2013
  • Nº de participantes: 30
  • Precio: 30€
  • Último día para solicitar plaza: 30 de diciembre de 2012

La web del evento es esta y la información original de evento es:

Ragoutsaria is one of the most famous carnival traditions that happens in Kastoria at 6-7-8 of January every year! Thousand of people are coming in these days to drink a lot a looot of alcohol, to wear carnival uniforms and dance from the early afternoon until the other morning.

The Ragoutsaria name comes from the Latin rogatores, ie beggars, (even in Latin means rogatio I), since disguised  households to give them gifts in order to ward off evil spirits.

The Ragoutsaria have their origin from the ancient winter Dionysia , and is known by this name only in Greek part of Macedonia and Thessaly, where there was a troupe of masqueraders who roamed from house to house, entering and charientizontas with nikokireoi asking Priest and gratuities . It was hidden behind makeshift hides and masks, making sure to remove evil spirits that plagued the world of those times.

AEGEE KASTORIA created this event to bring us closer with eachother despite where we’re coming from!! The entry fee for 5 days is 30€, includes: Accommodation (hosted by us), Nutrition (3 meals per day), Travel and Tours:

  • In Lacustrine Prehistoric Settlement Dispilio
  • At Dragon Cave
  • At Petrified Forest 
  • At the Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa
  • At the Aquarium of Kastoria 
  • A walk in Santa Claus’s village for trying ice skating
  • And at the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia – Kastoria

It will also participate in the activities of the city and ‘ll drink til we drop down!! :p


By Guille.

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