¿Conoces la región de Calabria en Italia? AEGEE-Ferrara te ofrece esa posibilidad pasando 10 días en San Lucido conociendo la cultura italiana, sus comidas, historia, películas, playas… y por supuesto, ¡fiesta!

  • Fechas: del 19 al 29 de julio
  • Precio: 80€ + 20€ opcionales
  • Plazas: 50
  • Fecha límite para apuntarse: 30 de junio

Si no te han aceptado en una Summer University, ésta es una buena oportunidad (es casi lo mismo), y es mucho más fácil ser aceptado!

Toda la información (en inglés) tras el salto

Welcome to the South of Italy-various beaches and real Italian villagies with historical touch- flirty wall’spaintings, seductive stairs and tiny roads leading all around Calabrian paradise.
Let yourself to fall in love with Calabrian culture, lifestyle, sunsets, Italian kitchen and peperoncino and AEGEE.
AEGEE Ferrara offers you 10 unfogettenable days in a city of San Lucido and surroundings.

What should you expect:
Workshops about Italian culture, language and dialects,Italian hand gestures lesson, Italian pasta workshop, insight into Italian mafia history, Italian movie nights, citytours to three different cities, prezentations about the actual topics as „active youth participation”, sport games on the beach and unforgettanable social programme every night.
Be ready to taste the moste delicious pasta and discover secrets of perfect Italian cooking.
If you play any music instrument, don’t forget to take it with you, – for the most AEGEEistic and romantic beach-parties.
If you are active, crazy, curious, love sun, beach and see and are interested in Italian culture, don’t hesitate to send us your application.
Let’s enjoy the sunshine of the land of love together!


this event is only open to AEGEE members!!

The event will include:

  • 3 city tours (San Lucido, Fuscaldo, Paola)
  • 10 nights in private house in the city centre
  • 2 meals per day (breakfast and lunch)
  • Workshop about “active Youth Participation” and “homemade pasta” + italian language course
  • Relaxing time on the beach
  • Animal party
  •  Delicious food
  •  Full social program
  •  Summer Carnival


Don’t lose that opportunity 🙂

For more information you can contact us at:  events2012@aegee.it

Application should include:

  • NAME:
  • AGE:

Send your application at: events2012@aegee.it

By Guille.

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