La asociación Peace Revolution da la oportunidad a los socios de AEGEE a acudir a su evento “Peace Revolution – Culture of Peace”,  donde se reunirán 30 participantes en busca de su paz interior, ya que el lema es “Para estar en paz con el mundo debes empezar estando en paz contigo mismo”.

Del 15 al 21 de agosto en Bélgica. Tienes para apuntarte hasta el 15 de junio.

La fee del evento 0€, incluyendo alojamiento, comidas y actividades.

No es un evento de AEGEE, por lo que si quieres apuntarte tienes que ponerte en contacto con

Todos los detalles (en inglés) tras el salto.

”Culture of Peace” is a 7-day program designed for 30 Europe-based young leaders and active youth workers, aged 18-30, with a background in youth-related issues (NGOs, volunteering, training, active citizenship and participation). The purpose of the program is for the youth workers to develop peace building and leadership skills in a multicultural environment. We are looking for people who are proactive and are willing to make a change and bring more peace in their lives, in their environment, in the world.

”Culture of Peace” starts from the concept that world peace is possible once inner peace is built. By participating in this training, the youth workers learn how to develop their inner peace. By improving their creativity, interpersonal communication, clarity of mind, awareness, and problem solving skills, they will build lasting personal strength as well as cross-cultural partnerships. The knowledge and tools they learn in the training improves their leadership skills.

Peace Revolution Fellowship provides an opportunity for European youth workers to experience a training camp in Belgium, where participants will have the opportunity to:

•learn inner peace techniques which build towards personal strength
•share dialogue and interact with youth workers and young leaders from across Europe who share same interests in inner peace and peace-building
•learn and share active peace building tools for your daily life and work
•be proficient in conflict resolution
•facilitate positive transformation in personal and ethical development
•implement the “Peace In Peace Out” concept in a culturally diverse community
•establish an international network of active agents for change.

Educational principles:
Non-formal education: inspiring lectures and topic related activities
Experience-based learning: learning by doing
Active participation: you are expected to participate and share your experiences.

The central topics raised in the training are:

•The eight pillars for a sustainable society
•The six directions of relationships
•Five rooms of life
•Body and mind science
•Practical methods of IPT

Desired Outcomes:

•Assist each new-coming generation to become courageous, just, and ethical leaders for today and tomorrow
•Enhance interpersonal communication skills with team and networking capabilities
•Develop sense of profound inter-dependency and inner strength for continual self-improvement
•Inspire gifted decision-making and emotional control based on refined stillness of mind


  1. Be 18-30 years old at the time of submitting the application;
  3. Have completed 21 days of the online self-development program with at least 1 online Special Ops;
  4. Have good proficiency in written and spoken English language;
  5. Be optimistic, open-minded, show leadership potential and have a genuine interest in peace

The Fellowship covers:
-Workshop costs

Note: Very limited funding for airfare is available.

Apply now! Application deadline is 15th of June 2012!

Contact for questions: Mirella Kampus


By Guille.

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