¡Vete de fiesta a Bratislava!

AEGEE-Bratislava celebra su 20 aniversario, y para ello ha organizado un evento puramente festivo.

¿El programa? City tours, barbacoa, fiestas, …

Fecha: del 12 al 16 de julio
Precio: 55€

Fecha límite para solicitar plaza: 10 de junio.

Toda la información (en inglés) tras el salto.

Once upon a time, not so long ago – one could hear rumors about a sworn group of heroes fighting for our right to party. They sacrificed their livers and sanity to worship AEGEE spirit. You would never hear them complain, you would never seen them sleep.  Among the common members they were known only by name “legends”.

So you dare to be one of them? Once a legend – always a legend!

Legends are celebrating their 20th birthday and they want to raise next generation of The Best PARTYcipants.

ehh, wait….ehh…yeah….the program,so:

Sleeping workshop?

Drinking workshop?

Teambuilding workshop?

Dance workshop?

European night on Friday the 13th ?

Gala night (BYOS – bring your own suit)?

Petržalka tour?

And the usuals –  city tour, pub crawl, BBQ..

Become a legend. APPLY.

By Guille.

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