Llega otra alternativa a las Summer Universities: pasar 11 días en Belgrado participando en el Belgrade Beer Fest y en el Gucha Trumpet Festival, que son 2 grandes festivales que   se celebran en la capital serbia.

  • Fecha: del 8 al 17 de agosto
  • Precio: 120€
  • Plazas: 45
  • Fecha límite para apuntarse: 20 de junio

Ésta es la web del evento, dónde podréis encontrar el programa, cómo apuntarse y fotos de otros años: http://goocha2012.wordpress.com/

También hay información en aegee.org, que puedes ver tras el salto.

You missed summer university? No worries!!! This year, AEGEE-Beograd has a special surprise for participants. We shall try to adjoin Belgrade Beer Fest to Gucha Trumpet Festival !!! 🙂 By doing so, our participants will experience both wild traditional Balkan music in Gucha, and enjoy some quality rock, reggae and hip-hop during Beer Fest in the Capital 🙂

Gucha is traditional trumpet festival held in Serbia. Almost 500 000 people attend it every year, to witness a very important competition of the best trumpet players of the country and from abroad. Visitors are placed in wooden houses, surrounded by beautiful nature and cool atmosphere.

Among so many cheerful tunes and tones, young people taste natinal specialties, drink Balkan spirits and feel the mentality of the whole region.

Once back in Belgrade – the party rocks on. Without stopping, we are checking out Belgrade Beer fest. Unline Gucha, this repertoire is more international. A whole spectre of world and Serbian music stars shall offer their trade – along with more beer. This being a festival of beer, the brands will range from Serbian domestic to most European.

The ideal participant would be adventurous, full of energy, and ready to sacrifice a bit of sleep for loads of fun!

Since alot of meat and drinks shall be included ,being a vegeratian in Serbia is like being thirsty in a desert.

Hence, you are in for a whole week or so of crazy parties, no sleep, Serbian cuisine, and domestic beverages 🙂http://goocha2012.wordpress.com/


Dear AEGEE friends,

Welcome to the craziest festival of brass bands music in the word! You may have heard, but didn’t believe, some may have told You, but again You were reluctant… Now, thanks to AEGEE-Beograd and its 15 year long tradition of organizing an AEGEE event during the Gucha Trumpet Festival, You have the chance to experience something that will move limits of Your imagination, discover new horizonts of pleasure and make a unique memory of a week with no sleep, many friends and even more reasons to come back again to Gucha, Belgrade and Serbia

For the chosen unique 45 people, we promice 9 days of absolute and ultimate fun, music, traditional food and drinks, lessons in national dance, visits to unique sights of Belgrade, Serbia and Shumadia region, well known for its hospitality. This is a summer You will not forget. This is an event You will wish You have visited before. If You like music, if you like dancing, if you like to meet the unique Serbian hospitality and culture – AEGEE Gucha Trumpet Festival & Beer Fest is the place for You! hurry up, apply and make sure that You will never forget this summer!

By Guille.

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