La región del Caúcaso está que arde, y a Baku los ha pillado en medio, por eso proponen un evento para hablar del tema y plantear posibles soluciones.


  • Fecha: del 7 al 11 de febrero
  • Nº de participantes: 30
  • Precio: 50€. IMPORTANTE: 50% de los costes del viaje pagados hasta un máximo de 500€.
  • Último día para apuntarse: 12 de enero de 2013

La web del evento es esta y aquí tiene toda la información:

Young Europeans will come together to discuss conflicts in the Region and come up with ideas how to resolve these issues. They will have challenge to make changes in minds and start new productive negotiations among young people from conflict zones.

It’s time to make changes!

Come closer to the Eastern part where the Europe ends. Let’s get to know the Caucasus either from regional or cultural sides. Put your ideas into Resolution of the Conflict in Caucasus. Become a part of the event in which your knowledge and experience are going to be increased and where your contribution is needed. Be sure, gathering together from different parts of Europe ought to make changes in minds and start new relationships between locals.

What you will gain from the event?

    • 4 days full of interactive workshops, roundtable dialogues and cultural experience
    • You will get more information about the Region
    • You will see with your own eyes how peacemaking process is going
    • You will be an important part of the peacemaking  process

Accommodation host families

3 meals per day, hot meals provided
Travel cost reimbursement 50 % for up to 500 euro flight ticket.

Main Topics:

  • Role of Caucasus in political map
  • Real situation in Caucasus – Conflict Zones
  • Resolution of the conflicts
  • Visa liberation process in Caucasus


  • Interactive workshops
  • Seminars
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Presentations
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Presentations

By Guille.

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