Seguro que no sabíais que en Holanda también hay celebraciones típicas en Carnavales. ¡Pues resulta que sí!


  • Fecha: del 7 al 13 de febrero de 2013
  • Nº de participantes: 20
  • Precio: 80€
  • Último día para apuntarse: 7 de enero de 2013

La web con toda la información y para pedir plaza es ésta. Si eres un Gandul te copio la información:

Do you know how we celebrate Carnival in the South of the Netherlands? Some call it the “most wonderful time of the year”! For 4 days, people dress up in silly costumes and festivities are being held everywhere. Are you curious? We are waiting for you to experience it with us!

Carnival is meant as a final celebration before the lent starts, a period of fastening for 40 days before Easter. In the 4 days before this, celebrations are held everywhere. The mayor passes all his power to the freshly elected Prince Carnival. Parades are being held everywhere. Special carnival songs are written only for these 4 days. We would like to take you into a journey through the Southernmost part of the Netherlands, a province called Limburg, to show you how locals celebrate this annual feast.

We will start our trip in Eindhoven, not quite a part of Limburg, but close. Here we will teach you the important aspects of Limburgish carnival, and of course how to ride a bicycle! After that we descend further South, where the celebrations will get more and more intense. We start our descent in the city of Roermond, to kick-off these amazing 4 days. Afterwards we will go to Maastricht, the center of Limburgish carnival! This is where the party continues. Furthermore, you will not only visit a parade, you will also participate in one! Of course, you will get a chance to do some sightseeing in this wonderful city too, and to see the beautiful surroundings of Limburg.

We hope to see you all in February for this amazing experience!

Greetings for AEGEE-Eindhoven. Alaaf!

By Guille.

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