Ponte en situación: Estás en San Petersburgo, posiblemente la ciudad más brutal de Europa, junto a otras 21 personas y organizadoras de San Petersburgo (son todo chicas) pasando 11 días haciendo una fiesta de pijamas, un taller de body paint, yendo a saunas,… vamos, lo que se dice estar en la gloria. Mientras no salgas al exterior, claro, que estás en mitad de febrero.

¡Pero no sólo eso! Una noche la pasarás en un tren camino a Moscú, donde pasarás 3 noches.


  • Fecha: del 6 al 17 de febrero de 2013
  • Nº participantes: 22
  • Precio: 250€
  • Último día para pedir plaza: 26 de diciembre

Apúntate en este link. Y toda la información es esta:

We invite you to watch our favorite cartoons together, to create our own cartoon, to experience RUSSIAn winter and crazy spirit, to enjoy the beauty of two russian capitals and first time in AEGEE history to visit an ancient folk town Suzdal !!! And, of course, to PARTY cOOl and hard 😀

“You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” Walt Disney

Do you feel already GROWN-UP?
What memories from childhood come in your mind during a cold  winter? … Warm blanket, milk, cookies, snow, flying outside…and  what about cartoons? Favourite, sweetest, most memorable…cartOOns!!!! – Best way to return to childhood,, isn’t it?…
So Let’s come back together!
Have you ever seen Russian cartoons?(:  NOoooo???
As we either  haven’t seen any spanish, dutch or even german ones, We invite you to have a  look together!
WHAT is waiting for YOU?
Workshop with body-art (be careful: HOT!!!!), CartOOns festival,  Winter games, Russian Banya(Sauna), Matreshka workshop,  Pijamas party with “milk” and cookies, and of course a Carnival!
WHERE: You will get a full impression of Russia on our way – both different and unique capitals and folk russian village!

    • 5 days in a beautiful pearl of Russia-Saint-Petersburg
    • 1 crazy party-night in Train!  (You will have a chance to prepare yourself before summer Transsiberian Dream :D,  going through amazing winter landscapes)
    • 2 days in snowy totally folk and extremely beautiful Russian tiny town-Suzdal.
    • 3 unforgettable days in Moscow (never sleeps,remember?;) )

WHEN: 6 February (Arriving day)-17 (Departure day)
ACCOMODATION: Hostels in historical buildings in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, traditional russian izba(wooden house) in Suzdal.
FEE INCLUDES:  all activities, 2 meals per day (at least one hot), accommodation,  train from Saint-Petersburg to Suzdal and transfer to Moscow.
EQUIPMENT: favourite national cartoons, preferably with English subtitles 😉 Costume for Thematic cartoon party
REQUIREMENT:  Totally to be ready to real Russia!
Russia has one really important feature-only totally crazy, brave and extreme participants take the challenge to come!
So… Are YOU on board?


KEEP in mind: 26th December is the final Deadline!


(to apply fill in the form. For any other question dont hesitate to contact us via all.over.cartoons@gmail.com )



By Guille.

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