●     By Plane: AEGEEans love Ryanair and Alicante and Valencia’s airports have loads of connections:

  • Alicante’s airport:  Brussels Charleroi and Zaventem, Paris Beauvais, Santiago
  • Valencia’s airport: Brussels Charleroi and Zaventem, Gran Canaria-Las Palmas, Santander, Santiago, Sevilla, Tenerife Sur, Marseille Provence, Paris Beauvais, Porto.

 But you can find other companies flying to Alicante’s airport on their website: Alicante’s Airport

●     By Train to Alicante. They are all direct trains, unless otherwise state:

  • Spanish antennae: From A Coruña (change Madrid), Barcelona, Bilbao (change Zaragoza), Castelló, Gijón, León, Madrid, Oviedo, Santander, Sevilla-Santa Justa (change Madrid) Tarragona, Valencia, Valladolid, Zaragoza.
  • French antennae: Lyon (change Barcelona), Paris (change Barcelona), Toulose (change Barcelona).      

●     By Bus. There are direct buses from almost every Spanish antennae:

  • ALSA: Barcelona, Bilbao, Castelló, Granada, Gijón, León, Madrid (also airport), Oviedo, Sevilla, Santander, Tarragona, Valencia, Valladolid
  • Independent trip: Sevilla
  • Grupo Jimenez: Zaragoza

●    Shared car: Blablacar.



There are many different ways to get to Moraira:

  • By Car: N-332; motorway AP-7 exit 63

  • By Bus: from Alicante and Valencia with ALSA (tel. 902 42 22 42), stopping in Teulada (The town next to Moraira)

  • From Calpe or Teulada with AUTOBUSES IFACH (tel. 96 583 55 91), there are plenty of buses running during the day.

  • By Train: FGV route Alicante-Dénia (info. tel. 900 72 04 72), stopping in Teulada.

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