Entrevista Golden Times

Aquí os dejamos la entrevista que el Golden Times hizo a nuestro tesoro Tesorerito de nuestra Summer Pablo Palazón.

SU #26: AEGEE-Alicante: “Mediterraneanly on Fire”, SC, Jul 17th – 29th
GT: How many participants and how many organisers did you have?
Pablo Palazón, AEGEE-Alicante: We had 24 lovely participants and about 20 organizers and helpers.

GT: How successful was the topic of the SU and the SU as such?
Pablo: In our Summer University we tried to show the real Mediterranean way of life. We visited different cities of the Mediterranean coast and we also had the opportunity to hike on a rock and to have a great time at a water park. Our workshops were related to Spreading Europtimism and Civic Education, but we also had the opportunity to learn how to relax or even how to cook a Spanish paella! Participants and organizers enjoyed 12 days of incredible weather and we had an amazing time together.

GT: What were the three greatest highlights of the SU?
Pablo: First, in AEGEE-Alicante we worked hard to give the best to our participants! We prepared a very comprehensive programme and we visited more than ten cities! We strived to provide high quality activities with professionals, giving not just the city tours but also some workshops – like the civic education workshop given by a judge. We also got backstage passes to an awesome concert, we visited a chocolate factory, a winery and many more amazing places! Second, I would say our fun activities! We managed to balance the quality that I have mentioned before with the spirit of a Summer University. We had an amazing boat trip to the Island of Tabarca, we had a Batucada dancing workshop, we went to Supermartxe, which is one of the biggest parties in Spain, we also went to a water partk and other places… In short, we wanted everyone to enjoy every single day! The third highlight: we were one united big group. This is the most important thing in my opinion, we managed to create a really good atmosphere with participants and organizers being part of one group where everybody felt comfortable with each other. That’s the main highlight of our SU.

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