🗓️ When: January 28-30th
📍 Where: Benidorm (Alicante, Spain)
📥 APPLICATION DEADLINE: As soon as possible

❤️ This year Eurovision returns with the batteries more than renewed and with more enthusiasm than ever! And since, in Spain, we have realized thatBenidorm Fest is here! 🌴🏙️ The first great festival in years that is organized to find the best singers and songs in our country for the next edition of the ESC 2022 in Turin 😎

🤍 And as we could not be left behind, we present what will be the first Eurovision event organized by AEGEE-Alicante. Therefore, without further ado, we present… 🥁 * Drum roll * 🥁 the incredible, exciting and, without a doubt, surprising… 1st edition of Benivision: From Benidorm to Turin! 🥳

💚 Do you want to discover live who will represent Spain in Turin, in addition to spending a whole weekend in the new Spanish Eurovision capital surrounded by the greatest Eurofan atmosphere ever seen before? 🎙️ Then you are in the right place! Don’t think twice and…


APPLY through this form or the button you can find above.


General fee: 50€

Possible optional fee: Tickets for the Benidorm Fest’s Grand Finale (which is supposed to happen during the weekend of the event: from 20 to 45€, approximately). These tickets will not be guaranteed by AEGEE-Alicante for now. Anyway, we’re in conversations with different entities to acquire tickets for everyone to attend to the festival as a whole group. If the answer is positive, they would be guaranteed, so we’ll keep you updated if there are any changes.

The general fee includes at least:

  • Transportation during the event
  • Accomodation
  • Activities and workshops
  • Breakfast
  • Saturday’s lunch

This fee DOESN’T include:

  • Transportation to the event
  • Transportation at the end of the event
  • Additional drinks or other personal purchases
  • Any other concept not mentioned explicitly

The fees will go entirely to cover the expenses of the event. We are a non-profit association and the organizers do not charge anything, so the prices are as low as we can.


  • Visit Benidorm and its thousands of leisure options
  • Thematic dynamics and/or wokshops related to the Eurovision Song Contest and the Benidorm Fest
  • European Night – Eurovision Edition
  • Eurovision Party – Bring your best costume! Will you be Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) or maybe the Buránovskiye Bábushki (Russia 2012)?
  • Attendance to the Benidorm Fest’s Grand Final
  • And many other thematic surprises


We are looking for the perfect candidate to represent their antenna in the first edition of Benivision: From Benidorm to Turin. The ideal candidate should:

  • Love music and especially the Eurovision Song Contest, as he/she will spend a whole weekend surrounded by the best Eurofan atmosphere ever seen.
  • Have the greatest illusions, since it is not every day that you attend the first great Spanish pre-selection and above all, the first edition of the first eurofan event of AEGEE-Alicante.
  • Represent better than anyone the logo and the values of Eurovision: having a big heart and always looking for the union and the meeting point before the difference. Or what is the same… To be a Eurofan worthy of both the 12 points of the public and the jury!


  • Where will we sleep?

We will sleep in beds, since we will be divided into different apartments in the city center. The accommodation is called Apartamentos Maja.

  • What happens with COVID?

We will keep all possible security measures during the event. We have tried to separate the rooms as much as possible to avoid contagion.

The participants themselves will be responsible for strict compliance with sanitary regulations.

  • When does the event start and finish exactly?

It begins on the afternoon of Friday, January 28, and ends at lunchtime on Sunday, January 30.

  • What’s included in the fee/price?

At the very least, we include transportation during the event, activities, accommodation, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and lunch on Saturday.

  • What’s the optional fee?

The optional fee is the cost of an optional activity that will be offered to participants at cost price. In case of obtaining the tickets for the Grand Final, and since it would be the great activity of the event, the organizers would attend it, but alternative plans would be proposed for those people who cannot / want to attend.

  • What is not included in the fee?

It does not include transportation to the first destination of the event or the return home. It also does not include a meal a day or consumption in drinks or other purchases that you want to make.

  • Can I cancel my participation?

There are only 27 spots, and we would like to give the possibility to as many people as possible to attend, so if you decide to cancel after having confirmed your place you will have these possibilities:

    • If you cancel before January 19th 23:59, you will get back 50% of the general fee, but the optional fee wouldn’t be assured in case we finally arrange it and you’ve paid for it.
    • If you cancel after January 19th, neither the reimbursement of the general nor the optional fee will be assured.
    • If you cancel for a proven medical reason after January 19th, you will be refunded 50% of the fee, but the optional fee wouldn’t be assured.