Yes, you are reading well! 😀  We have become one of the official partners of the multilateral youth exchange that has started exactly today, organized by AEGEE-Munchen together with EuroArab Team.

What? You still don’t know about EuroArab Project of AEGEE-Europe?? To sum it up, EuroArab was stablished in 2012 to establish relationships between European and Arab youth, while implementing the main aims of AEGEE in a broader sense: striving for creating an open and tolerant society of today and tomorrow and fostering democracy, human rights, tolerance and cross border cooperation. The geographic focus is made up of the European countries where AEGEE locals are present, and Arab countries: Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi – Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.


So, for accomplishing all from above, we selected the best 5 candidates to represent our antenna in this exchange; not only locally but regionally, because our buddies are Debrecen (Hungary) and Munchen (Germany) from the European side and ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ (Amman, Jordan), ‘Action Positive’ (Sfax, Tunisia), and ‘Abbar Youth Initiative’ (Alexandria, Egypt) from the Arab side. For 10 days, 30 participants will meet for workshops, discussions and cultural activities, and get to know one another. The main focus of this event is the interplay between religion and politics, touching on aspects such as religious extremism, the role of Islam and Christianity in our governments, and the meaning of religiously motivated politics in the lives of young people in Arab and European societies.

The motto of our programme is “We are all similar, we are all unique”. We aim to break down the ‘them and us’ mentality in which the East and the West are two different worlds, and foster a mentality of ‘we’, where the focus is on learning positive new things from each other to enrich our own lives.

We expect to get a report every night from one of the members of our team, and this way we all be able to see how they are living the experience at almost first hand.

Come on guys!!! Let’s work hard, make new good friends, have fun and LEARN, LEARN, LEAAARN to share with us :))))))

Belén Moreno Hurtado
YiA Responsible of AEGEE-Alicante

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